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What Happens If You Have Varicose Veins?

Due to weakened valves in the veins if they let blood vessels to flow in the wrong direction because of this sickness occurs. This sign can be seen in all age group people, but fifty-plus age groups, overweight individuals, and pregnant women have greater possibilities of having varicose. Sometimes this can also occur due to long-standing and genetics. In time treatment is required for this plan to withdraw serious issues.

When there is blood blockage in veins or blood is flowing in reverse direction because of weaker valves, due to this Varicose Veins condition occurs. As a consequence, veins will see bigger, swollen and twisted and become blue or dark purple associated as varicose veins. It will also be extended into varicose ulcers on the skin. So full in-depth knowledge is required for you to get great treatment.



Any situation that puts pressure on the abdomen can make varicose veins; for example, constipation, tumors and so on. In this position, the patient can suffer aching, pain and also stress due to swelling. There will be a heaviness in the legs after exercise and little injury in a particular area can create more blood loss. The skin of the enclosed area will contract become red and dry.