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Valuable Tips for Varicose Veins



If you are suffering from varicose veins, then a part of your everyday activities can have a direct impact on its severity. It involves the food you eat and the clothes you wear.  The type of clothes you wear affect the varicose veins undeviatingly. You might have known that compression garments give welfare to the pain produced by varicose veins but what about the other garments you wear. However the clothes are not the reason behind you suffering from varicose veins, but if you have this difficulty, then some materials can worsen your condition. Don’t panic! There is no requirement to change or replace the whole dresser, you just have to bring 1-2 new clothes and stock up any of the old ones.

As you know, compression clothes have been an excellent choice to fight against varicose veins, but other tightly fitted clothes such as Spanx, bands, tight elastic socks, girdles, and hard to believe, skinny or tight jeans create injury to the people who suffer from venous disorders.

1.High Heels- Wearing high heels regularly can get your veins and leg appearance in problem without harming your health. People who use high heels regularly do have bigger possibilities to suffer from varicose veins and spider veins than those who avoid it, as it becomes your natural way of walking.

2. Avoid wearing Skinny Jeans frequently- You might love your skinny jeans, and it certainly looks great on you, but do you know that skinny or too tight clothes can harm your blood circulation and get your pelvic region at danger